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Gunsmithing services

Prices for services directly in store only or with a quote

Workshop services

Our gunsmith, former sniper in the Canadian Armed Forces (2013) and certified gunsmith from the Canadian gunsmithing school Gunsmith Canada (2022), is available for all types of services to be completed on your equipment.

  • $99.99 / h
  • One hour minimum
  • Billing of anything not included in the other services: dismantling, reassembly, modification, repair, gunstock finishing; more information in store
  • $49.99
  • Free invoice if the project is done by Elite Precision
  • Dismantling the gunstock
  • Cleaning of the gunstock
  • Cleaning and protection – exterior of the firearm
  • Cleaning and protection – interior of the firearm barrel
  • Before and after picture of the cleaning of your firearm barrel
  • Cleaning and protection of the bolt
  • Cleaning and protection of the receiver
  • Cleaning and protection of the top of the rings 
  • Cleaning of the scope lenses
  • Checking the tightening of the screws
  • If required, the gunsmith will provide notes of his findings in the workshop
  • Cleaning and tune up service included
  • Report discussed and tailored to the client needs
  • Official photo report made by our gunsmith in workshop
  • Report in PDF and paper format given to the client
  • Chronography price in addition
  • Cleaning, inspection and report included
  • Price of the estimate of the firearm is based upon a thorough professional inspection
  • Based upon references and professional documents updated in 2023
  • 30-minute appointment
  • Measure of adequate adjustments to maximize comfort with your firearm
  • Adjustment of bases, bipods and / or bag
  • Shape of the pistol grip
  • Length of pull
  • Cheek rest
  • Eye relief
  • Rings
  • Delivery of a report and approximate quote to the client
  • Pieces/material and labor not included for the work done, if necessary
  • Break-in done with 20 cartridges
  • Ammunition not included
  • Lens cleaning
  • Degreasing of rings
  • Rings installation
  • Levelling and installation of scope
  • Loctite coated screws
  • Appropriate tightening torque
  • Zeroing not included
  • Installation of scope
  • Zeroing at 50 meters (150′) or at 100 meters (300′)
  • Zeroing sheet given with firearm
  • Box of 20 cartridges not included
  • Measurements, customized adjustment and report included
  • Zeroing at 50 meters (150’) or 100 meters (300’)
  • Zeroing sheet given with the firearm
  • Box of 20 cartridges not included
  • 1”, 30mm and 34mm mounts lapping
  • Standard rifle scope installation
  • This term refers to the adjustment and stability of the action of a rifle in its gunstock
  • Resistant epoxy resin after it has dried
  • This term refers to the adjustment and stability of the action of a firearm in its gunstock
  • Resistant epoxy resin after it has dried
  • The stock is hollowed to install sleeves
  • The sleeves are adjusted to a perfect length to match the tightening of the screws
  • This process renders the firearm completely inert and it becomes an object
  • Neutralization certificate provided by the RCMP
  • Pistol, rifle, shotgun, inheritance, PAL cancelation, etc.
  • More information in store
  • 10 cartridges
  • Completed with the Labradar
  • Ammunitions not included
  • One color – rifle (muzzle brake, barell, receiver and bolt)
  • One color – gunstock (standard hunting style gunstock, get information in store for the models including picatinny rail and other)
  • Addition of a camo design (stencils not included), font color included
  • Basic muzzle brake included (black or stainless cerakote)
  • Zeroing not included after scope reinstallation
  • Get more information in store 
  • Lathe or milling machine usage
  • Installation of picatinny rail
  • Thread
  • Barrel cutting
  • Drilling
  • Other
  • New barrel that was bought in store is recommended for the warranty
  • Installation of a barrel that is provided by a client is at the gunsmith’s discretion
  • For the barrel break-in, get more information in store
  • SAAMI chambering
  • ”Match” chambering at the gunsmith’s discretion
  • Barrel installation on the action is included
  • For the barrel break-in, get more information in store




    Will I receive the same product as the one I see in the picture?

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    Where can I view my sales receipt?

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    How do I return an item?

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    Will you be restocking items marked as "out of stock"?

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    Where can I ship my order?

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